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We are Color Me Healthy

Color Me Healthy is a Team Horner Group’s comprehensive well-being program. There is a wealth of well-being programs and services available to teammates, all FREE. Participation in any program is completely voluntary and varies by location.

The Color Me Healthy (CMH) well-being program was born in 2012. Our ongoing purpose statement is:

“Color Me Healthy offers opportunities for all teammates to pursue their journey of well-being.”

This comes from the philosophy that you are already creative, competent and complete and no one needs to be “fixed.”

Color Me Healthy is teammate driven. The CMH teams (one in St. Pete and one in Ft. Lauderdale) decide what programs and services will be offered. Ideas from anyone in Team Horner Group, wherever located, are also welcome. Anyone can join a CMH team after 90 days of employment.

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